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[04 Aug 2015|06:52pm]

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Imagine there's no countries... [04 Aug 2015|04:32pm]

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[03 Aug 2015|11:28pm]

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Bernie Sanders Clearly In Pocket Of High-Rolling Teacher Who Donated $300 To His Campaign [03 Aug 2015|09:36pm]

BURLINGTON, VT—After accepting a check sent to his campaign office by a local elementary school teacher, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was roundly criticized Monday as being firmly in the pocket of the high-rolling educator who had donated $300. “He might have the reputation of being the people’s candidate, but when your candidacy is effectively bankrolled by the multi-hundred-dollar donation of a fourth-grade teacher, it’s clear who’s really pulling the strings,” said political analyst Peter Mathews, who noted that when a check arrives with a handwritten note that says “Behind you 100 percent, Bernie!” it comes with certain expectations. “He’s already spouting off talking points about supporting unions and increasing funding for education. Where do you think he got those ideas? He might think he’s not influenced by that money, but when someone has deep enough pockets to drop $300, you pick up the phone when they call.” Mathews went on to say he wouldn’t be surprised if Sanders’ strong support for a living wage could be directly traced to the fat $20 contribution he got from a fast-food worker

Feel The Bern!
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God guts and gravy.... [03 Aug 2015|11:43am]

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[02 Aug 2015|05:17pm]

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2 for the weekend [01 Aug 2015|09:02am]


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The RNC debate as an episode on The Hollywood Squares [30 Jul 2015|10:02pm]


Source: darth! on Twitter
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Иран хочет войны [29 Jul 2015|11:29am]

Old, but true. Only idiot can belive, that nuke will give a chance to win, only idiot can belive, thar Iran want to try.

Оригинал взят у colonelcassad в Иран хочет войны
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[28 Jul 2015|06:01pm]

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[28 Jul 2015|04:55pm]

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Do-It-Yourself Donald Trump Story! [28 Jul 2015|01:15pm]

Ran across something really hilarious today. It's not a cartoon, but it's too funny not to share.

Do-It-Yourself Donald Trump Story!

And since this IS politicartoons, here's a cartoon for good measure. :D

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Help--I'm about to run out of fingers and toes [27 Jul 2015|06:14pm]

How many people are vying for the GOP nomination at this point? 15? 16? I've given up trying to keep them all straight.

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a bit overripe [26 Jul 2015|10:47am]

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WHAT AM YOU CHOSE??? [25 Jul 2015|12:49pm]

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[25 Jul 2015|08:58am]

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[21 Jul 2015|04:16pm]

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[20 Jul 2015|06:28pm]

Well I am at a loss and don't know what else to do. I've tried everything...fucking with my privacy settings, reposting images, making sure the images' security is public...and they still don't show. That's never happened before and I don't know how to fix it. Any LJ gurus out there know what the hell is going on? 
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This is a test because LJ is being a pain in the ass and this has never happened before... [20 Jul 2015|06:25pm]

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[20 Jul 2015|01:50pm]

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