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Progress [30 Jul 2014|04:42am]

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Islamist Policewomen [29 Jul 2014|02:45pm]


"Jihadi girl power"
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Germans playing monopoly [29 Jul 2014|02:03pm]


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Let's have some pics from the other hemisphere, shall we? [29 Jul 2014|07:12pm]

OK, to remove ze evil imperialist american opressor domination of zis kommunity

Doc: What do you see on this picture?
Jen Psaki: Russian artillery bombarding Ukraine!

There are moreCollapse )
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[29 Jul 2014|09:55am]

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[29 Jul 2014|09:07am]

A People's History of Tattooine:
Untold and misunderstood stories of racism and droid
prejudice from the original Star Wars trilogy.
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Too soon? [29 Jul 2014|08:14am]

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A Mideast Solution [28 Jul 2014|07:44pm]

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[28 Jul 2014|01:15pm]

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Confused Cats Against Feminism [28 Jul 2014|09:40am]


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Thanks Obama! (seriously, thou!) [27 Jul 2014|07:25pm]

Got a letter in the mail today, informing me of a rebate coming my way because of the ACA.


I did some quick math. Some 4 million dollars will be going back to policy-holders. My rebate might only be 5 bucks, but it's better than it costing me an extra 5 bucks.

So, thanks Obama!
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[27 Jul 2014|04:33pm]

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[27 Jul 2014|12:22pm]


Arizona toon, but applicable to much of the country.
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[26 Jul 2014|10:26pm]


ITHACA, NY—According to a study released this week by geneticists at Cornell University, substantial evidence indicates that rich people and poor people—disparate populations long thought to be entirely unrelated—may have once shared a single common ancestor. “After conducting careful DNA analysis, our research team was taken aback to discover that the wealthy and the working class actually have a considerable number of genetic similarities,” said study co-author Kenneth Chang, adding that despite the disparity between the modern-day affluent and low earners in terms of behavior, appearance, and lifestyle, numerous genetic markers revealed that their predecessors may have once lived beside one another without any noticeable differences. “Side by side, poor people and rich people look almost nothing alike, of course. It took months of chromosomal comparison to discover that links exist between, say, a top-level consultant at Bain Capital living in a gated community and a mother of three relying on multiple low-wage jobs to survive. And upon close inspection, it is possible to detect subtle, but striking, physical resemblances between these vastly different peoples.” Scientists also determined that the ultra-rich were closely related to jellyfish and other soft-bodied invertebrates.
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Most dangerous game [26 Jul 2014|10:03pm]

This smirking villain mocks all of us, proudly displaying his cruel bloodlust with ever-rarer prey. Finally he's crossed the line!

What's next, I ask you?
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Michele Bachmann? [26 Jul 2014|08:39pm]


"Why Michele Bachmann should run for president" - Washington Post

With Perry also seriously considering another run, it could be fun, but how many bullets do you want to put in the gun when you play Russian roulette?
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National Review: Neil de Grasse Tyson cover [26 Jul 2014|07:56pm]


Why am I not surprised by the cover, or the unflattering editorial?

Tyson's own reaction on Bill Maher's program, Friday night.
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[26 Jul 2014|05:54pm]

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[26 Jul 2014|05:13pm]

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Ideas for your Christmas in July. [26 Jul 2014|10:22am]


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