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Bow down under the ILLUMINATI GAYTRIARCHY! [12 Feb 2016|12:08pm]

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[11 Feb 2016|11:06am]

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2016 New Hampshire Democratic Primary [11 Feb 2016|04:04am]


Sanders - 60%
Clinton - 38%
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A few from around the blogosphere... [10 Feb 2016|12:18pm]




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Poor Marco! [09 Feb 2016|03:51pm]


Mario Rubio was challenged and corrected on some misinformation by a gay New Hampshire voter on the campaign trail on Monday.

[More behind here]

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, in an exchange with a gay New Hampshire resident today, showed a lack of historical knowledge and got accused of wanting to put LGBT people back in the closet.

Rubio was campaigning today at the Puritan Backroom diner in Manchester, where Timothy Kierstead asked him, “Why do you want to put me back in the closet?” according to The New York Times, which cited press pool reports. Rubio responded, “I don’t. You can live any way you want.”

Kierstead pointed out that he’s a gay man in a same-sex marriage, and said Rubio’s opposition to equal marriage rights shows the U.S. senator from Florida thinks gay people don’t matter. Rubio said, “No, I just believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

When Kierstead said, “That’s your belief,” and noted that half the nation disagrees, Rubio replied, “I think that’s what the law should be. And if you don’t agree, you should have the law changed by a legislature.” As Rubio prepared to move on, Kierstead noted that the law already has changed [by the New Hampshire legislature]. He could have been referring to the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision last year or to the fact that New Hampshire’s marriage law was indeed changed by its legislature to include same-sex couples — back in 2009. And in 2012 the legislature rejected an effort to repeal marriage equality.

Kierstead told reporters afterward that he's a Manchester restaurant owner, a father of three, and a registered independent voter. He will vote in the Democratic primary Tuesday because of Republican opposition to marriage equality, he said. “They want to take my rights away as a citizen of the United States,” he said of Republicans.

It wasn’t the only gay-related conversation Rubio had in the diner, the Times reports. Another patron asked him if U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who recently dropped out of the Republican presidential race, is gay. Rubio chuckled and said no, according to the Times.

The Human Rights Campaign, in a blog post about Rubio’s exchange with Kierstead, stressed that Rubio is staunchly opposed to LGBT rights. He has said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would reverse the marriage equality ruling and has voiced support for the First Amendment Defense Act, which would allow broad exemptions from antidiscrimination law if the discrimination is based on religious or moral objections to same-sex marriage.

“Let’s dispense with this fiction that Marco Rubio is a moderate. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he telegraphs his desire to allow discrimination in last week’s debate, and then tells a married gay man to have the legislature vote on his constitutional rights," JoDee Winterhof, HRC’s senior vice president for policy and political affairs, said in the post. “Marco Rubio’s so-called ‘New American Century’ is one in which LGBT people are treated like second-class citizens, where they remain at risk for being fired or denied a job because of who they are or who they love, and where they could lose the right to get married. He’s threatened to revoke, repeal, and overturn the gains made on LGBT equality during President Obama’s two terms in office. Rubio would be a disaster for LGBT Americans, plain and simple.”

Watch a portion of Rubio’s conversation with Kierstead in the video below, from American Bridge 21st Century, and find more Rubio faux pas caught on camera here.


Video of the exchange:

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A+ Trolling [09 Feb 2016|01:34pm]


Source: https://twitter.com/redsteeze/status/696884959194308608
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[09 Feb 2016|12:39pm]

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Judgement Day [09 Feb 2016|01:32am]

Judgment Day
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Benedikt Notter [08 Feb 2016|10:56pm]

[ mood | the grind ]

Originally posted by carabaas at Benedikt Notter

Benedikt Notter

Dystopia rising

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Man Attempts Exorcism on Ted Cruz During Campaign Event [08 Feb 2016|08:46pm]

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Republican Government [08 Feb 2016|04:31pm]

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Hurm... [06 Feb 2016|05:23pm]


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Now for something completely different: [06 Feb 2016|02:17pm]

This is a fascinating interview to me. Black high school kid decides to volunteer for Trump campaign and see what it's all about. His analysis is pretty good; he didn't see any direct racism, but a lot of micro-aggressions. Which, as a white guy, is something that is hard to check. I cannot, even as an actively anti-racist white, always know if I am giving a black person extra personal space cause they are black and I'm engaging in micro-aggressions, or if I would give the same amount of personal space to a white person passing by me. I want to be aware of it, I want to be self-aware, and NOT engage in these micro-aggressions, it can be difficult to catch them.

All that said, it is still worth hearing the thoughts of a young black male who spent time inside of Trump campaign offices.

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Yukka Yukka Yukka [05 Feb 2016|05:36pm]

Wealthy Donors Pump Millions Into Sanders’ Campaign In Last-Ditch Effort To Destroy His Credibility

NEW YORK—Grasping for any way to halt the Democratic candidate’s momentum, a coalition of wealthy donors reportedly pumped millions of dollars into Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign this week in a last-ditch effort to destroy his credibility. “Unfortunately, our attempts to attack his message and brand him as a radical have had little effect on his poll numbers, so the only option left on the table was a massive, coordinated barrage of maximum-level contributions directly to his campaign,” said hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, who, along with hundreds of other high-net-worth investors and major financial corporations, has funded a new super PAC known as Corporate America For Bernie, which has already debuted a series of laudatory, pro-Sanders television and radio ads aimed at undermining the candidate. “Our strategy is to hit Bernie with a few million in direct support in New Hampshire, and then unleash an all-out flood of money into his pocket in the run-up to Super Tuesday. We have the resources to keep funding him for as long as it takes to get him out of the race. I can assure you that we will not hesitate to give upwards of $5 million or even $10 million apiece to Bernie’s campaign if that’s what it takes to stop Bernie’s campaign.” At press time, the newly cash-flush Sanders campaign was launching a series of attack ads targeting its own excessive wealth and influence.

- http://www.theonion.com/article/wealthy-donors-pump-millions-sanders-campaign-last-52290
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Quick! Call the PC Police! [05 Feb 2016|08:56am]

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[04 Feb 2016|08:37pm]

Many thanks to yes_justice ;)
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Follow the money... [04 Feb 2016|09:08am]


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Flint... this generations' Love Canal... [03 Feb 2016|08:17pm]

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[03 Feb 2016|05:17pm]

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Womp Womp Womp [03 Feb 2016|12:11pm]

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