This is counterculture from the underground. (lafinjack) wrote in politicartoons,
This is counterculture from the underground.

From Matt Bors:

Today's cartoon by Gordon Campbell is such a piece of crap I feel the need to remark. First, the concept is complete hackery. Fortune cookies are supposed to tell the future, not things currently happening--it doesn't make sense.

The visual implies the only thing he even knows about Chinese people is that they put a fortune cookie in your Chow Mein at the Chinese take out place down the street from his office. Couldn't he come up with a better way to say "There was an Earthquake is China"? Since people already know that what's the point of this comic? In case you haven't turned on a television or looked at a newspaper, he was nice enough to write "China" on the cookie. This looks like an illustration that would accompany an article about the earthquake, not an editorial cartoon--it adds no commentary, no opinion, and no joke. Nothing. It shouldn't exist.

The font is horrible. The gradient is horrible. It contains no drawing whatsoever. Where did he get the image from? The very first result in a Google image search for "fortune cookie." Although he has mastered Photoshop enough to flip the original image.

Are there any standards in this profession?
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