J.M. (mid_limbo) wrote in politicartoons,

if you havnt seen the music video for eminems new song 'Mosh' then please IM me at NastyNorthNative and i will send it to you. it isnt half hearted pseudo activism. its brave and refreshing for mainstream.

"Strap him with an AK/
Let him go fight his own wars/
Let him impress daddy that way/
No more blood for oil/
We got our own battles to fight on our own soil/
No more psychological warfare to trick us into thinkin we aint loyal"

p.s. its animation so i assume it counts as a cartoon.
p.p.s. you can also download it off limewire or kazaa. 'Mosh' by Eminem off his new album Encore.
p.p.p.s. dont judge it until you have seen it
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