April 26th, 2004


the Art of War - opens April 30th

(postcard features "mission accomplished," stone lithograph by Dusty Herbig)

the Art of War opens Friday, April 30th.

There will be 18 artists from here to California, with more than 30 works on display.

I just wanted to thank all of these communities for letting me post and being supportive. :-) this is our first opening, we had a really good turnout of artists, and I'm very excited.

I also wanted to invite anyone in the Minneapolis area to come check out the show. On Friday April 30th we will be having refreshments and live music for the artists reception. If you can't make it on Friday night, the show will run for three weeks (the hours are posted on the website, www.alteredesthetics.com.)

Just a reminder... 10% of everything from the show is being donated to the international rescue committee.

Thanks again everybody!
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