September 21st, 2004

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Get your copy of the runaway best seller, "Journalism 101", by CBS News anchor, Dan Rather! "Journalism 101" was recently named "Best Book of 2004 - Fiction Category" by the National Enquirer. Now, you can add this award winning book to your own library! Or, pick up "Journalism 101" for that aspiring CBS journalist on your list! It's chock-full of incredible information, such as:

  • Document Authentication: Learn Dan Rather's secrets of "expert shopping", so you can get the answers YOU want to hear!

  • Handling Critics: Learn Dan's pet nicknames for critics, such as "partisan hacks", "jealous competitors" and "Pajamahadeen"!

  • Shifting Blame: Blow a story? No problem... Dan teaches you how to place just enough blame on your producers, researchers and assorted other peons to ensure your backside doesn't end up in a sling!

  • Changing the Subject: Critics giving you a hard time? No problem! Dan shows you how to make YOUR CRITICS the story!

  • Much, much more!!!

This new revised edition will also include:

  • The intricacies and pitfalls of the "Fake but Accurate" defense!

  • How to get away with interviewing only those that support your story!

  • Plus TWO brand-new bonus chapters... "Deny, Stonewall, Obfuscate, Rinse, Repeat" and "Making Stuff Up for Fun and Profit"!