February 8th, 2006

Wellstone revisited?

Carter was President too

So...yeah. Lot of reaction about this from all sides, some conservatives see no problem with what happened, most are pretty upset about it, and a few are very upset about it. After watching long clips of both funerals and their most "exciting" moments, I think this was worse than the Wellstone funeral. Being from Minnesota, I remember watching that funeral live and my jaw dropped when everyone just started freaking out. I believe the atmosphere there was much worse, but the dialogue was about building up the party and "fighting for Paul." While this seems more cordial, the dialogue here was trite and repetitive: blame Bush for things. I am sorry, but no. As a conservative, I hear Bush-bashing all the time and I can usually handle it. There are times to bash Bush (such as 24/7 taking minor breaks for public funerals). This, to me, was inexcusable, even if the comments were not harsh in any manner. That's not the place for junk like that. Save it for the political arena.