July 26th, 2006

F bombage

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Okay, here's what I don't understand: How can a group of people start out as followers of Islam "the Religion of Peace," and then convince themselves that Allah has called them to form a group that holds such disregard for human life, teaches cruel, selfish, hateful doctrine, and encourages murder in the most random and excruciating way possible, and tells them to call themselves "The Party of God." (hezbollah)


The party of God?? These people claim to be Islamic, claim that Islam is a peaceful religion, and yet they do these horrible things! They even put a fucking gun in their logo. I'm not muslim, I don't know any muslims personally, and I know that's where most of my ignoranc on this topic stems from. I'm just looking at the evidence from the actions of people who profess the religion, and I cannot bridge the intellectual gap between "peace" and "suicide bomber."

And about those who blow themselves up in public, trying to take out as many innocent people as possible, selfishly believing that they will be rewarded with a harem of female slaves, and considering their cruel and selfish act to be "brave?" It's just incredible.

Does anyone have a personal response to this that might shed some light around here?

text-based amusement

I thought the opening line of this article was rather amusing, but also kind of depressing:

Daniel Schorr is used to producers popping into his Washington, D.C., office at National Public Radio to ask, on deadline: Which war came first, Korea or Vietnam?
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