October 5th, 2006

Politics: Sinfest: Things are looking up

"The terrrists fear our freedom as much as they do our firepower." -Dubya

So let's see here...
Being able to declare anyone, regardless of citizenship, an enemy combatant? Check.
Suspension of habeas corpus for anyone declared an enemy combatant? Check (in the U.S. Senate at least, but the House will be more than happy to go along for the ride).
Secret courts? Check.
Secret prisons? Check.
Geneva Convention redefined "clarified" so that the-interrogation-techniques-formerly-known-as-torture are okay? Check.

We've definitely turned the corner now, because if that isn't what I want a great country like mine to stand for, I dunno what is. We're a shining beacon of truth, justice, and liberty for the whole world to emulate. No wonder the terrrists are afraid of our freedoms!
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