March 27th, 2007

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I know I'm likely to take a couple of beatings on this, but...

After Al Gore's testimony on global warming it seemed as if not only the conservative media took their shots but the liberal media had their day as well. What gives? I'm focused more on the New York times here since their hatred for the man doesn't make a lot of sense. In the days following I heard several conservative talking heads bring up their concerns about Al Gore's carbon foot print and rather then take any of his suggestions seriously chose to focus on, what I think are petty concerns. Sifting through cartoons lampooning the event, most of them labeling Gore as gluttonous and hypocritical, one question kept coming to mind: who are you calling fat, tubby? So I went to the drawing table and churned this out. Not sure if it hits the mark but lets be fair Inhofe and Hastert were being, for lack of a better discription, giant dicks about the whole affair so they were really asking for it. Anyway it feels good to exercise my rights in some kind creative way. Besides, you wouldn't want me to sing a song.

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