June 1st, 2007

Politics: Sinfest: Things are looking up

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Meanwhile, here in Washington State, May was an extremely deadly month for our soldiers. The deadliest month of the war. So deadly in fact, that Fort Lewis is going to consolidate their memorial services rather than holding individual ones. It is just another sign of a war gone horribly wrong.

I fully supported the mission in Afghanistan, and believed that going to war in Iraq would be a terrible diversion from the true war on terror. So what's been going on where the real war is? The Taliban is resurgent and the US has taken a backseat role, because of our quagmired commitments elsewhere. Is this right?

Two years ago, on May 30th, our Vice President said "I think they’re in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency." And long before that, our President declared combat operations over, under a banner of "Mission Accomplished." We were told that it would be quick, that it would be cheap, that the threat of being blown to smithereens from a weapon of mass destruction was so dire that we had to remove Saddam Hussein immediately. None of this was true.

Even if you support both of these wars, it should be painfully obvious by now that our Commander in Chief is not up to the task of leading it and the Iraqi parliament is unable to make the tough choices necessary to secure their country's future. In the meantime, America, our painfully stretched "coalition of the willing," and Iraq will continue the long, slow bleed of time, resources, and human lives.

God bless America.