July 27th, 2007


Guns, girls, and ice cream

The following image has been making the rounds recently:

If I understand correctly, they're in the Israel Defense Force. A comment from the linked site by "Daniel in Brookline":

Sure, they're out of uniform. Israeli soldiers are not required to wear the uniform when off-base and off-duty -- at least, they weren't when I served, twenty years ago -- and they had to go off-base to buy ice cream, didn't they?

On the other hand, many IDF units do have strict regulations about carrying your weapon at all times. I have to wonder about the young woman in the middle -- her M-16 actually has the magazine in, which you're not supposed to do in metropolitan areas.

They look like nice ladies. Don't piss them off.

Daniel in Brookline
1st.Sgt, IDF (ret)

Spiderman, Planned Parenthood, and child molestation

It seem that back in the 70s there was a "Special Planned Parenthood Issue of the Amazing Spiderman," where Spiderman thwarts the plans of an evil alien mastermind who wishes to turn the youth of America into baby-generating machines. The comic also informs us that "Masturbation won't make you insane or harm you in any other way" and "The way a person looks or acts is no clue to homosexuality... Having a close friend, or being attracted to a person who's of the same sex doesn't mean your homosexual, or ever will be." Good to know!


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As a bonus, today I also came across a comic in which Spiderman finds a boy whose cute-but-apparently-evil babysitter (who, IMHO, on page 3, panel 4 looks an awful lot like Willow Rosenberg from Buffy) tries to get the boy to take his clothes off before she'll let him watch Star Wars. Spiderman helps the boy cope by relating his own childhood story about how he was molestered by an older boy named "Skip".