January 6th, 2008

Because Marduk commands it.

McCain, Romney, and Big Pharm

This is the first time I've liked that ex-POW since he sold out to the Torture Party sometime after the 2000 elections; can't say I'll vote for him anymore, though.

Oh, and newsflash: Romney's a tool.

This clip came from onegoodmove, and here's their description of the clip:

Are you familiar with the word "suit" as a term of derision? It is used to describe the unsavory businessman type. As in he's just another suit, out for himself and will do or say anything to meet his goals. Well Mitt Romney is a fucking suit. He's the poster boy for what it means to be a "suit" In fact generally speaking the Republican Party is the party of "Suits." The prospect of any of the Republicans as president is a frightening prospect, but they do occasionally speak the truth as McCain does in this exchange.