April 2nd, 2008

Sri Yantra

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 wtf ?
Good ol' Gorrdon stands on a box whilst our brave lads are in it up to their knees. Not entirely Gorrdon's fault however. One GWB and his henchman T. Bleurgh rather led us here. Given that the European lads seem more inclined to help us in Afghanistan, which is something, we still have to get the mess in Iraq sorted.
Now of course, the other big problem is the cost of this war.
The coalition are going to try to extract it from Iraq's reserves.
Unfortunately there is a question of justice. Is this proper?
If they had asked us to liberate them with mercenary inducement we would be justified in recouping our expenditure. Alas, there was no such mandate from the Iraqi people. And even if there had been, the contract signed may well have limited costs. And even if the actual 'liberation' was paid for by Iraq, given the breakdown of government under Coalition troops, who should pay for the present policing and reconstruction.
Now we went in without a specific UN resolution. Is the UN going to retroactively sanction such international piracy? We're in very dodgy territory now chaps, and our chickens are about to come home to roost.

What was that about China and Tibet?
Well, at least we now know how the rest of the world views us.