July 10th, 2008

Sri Yantra

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I quite like the idea of Obama being a Bertie Wooster like character hiding from a stern Aunt Agatha (she who wears barbed wire underwear and eats broken bottles; bays at the moon: you know the sort of thing).

But now he's offended Wymyn and the stupider sort of Black person (vide Jessie Jackson - what a tool) perhaps all normal proper-thinking folk can finally get a handle on the quality of the man.

He's unashamedly articulate, and unashamedly clever. I hope he's a devious political piece of work too: because the one thing he ain't is in it for himself. You might think that intelligent folk would lust after the power of the position of president: but his really does come with its own bullet. Even Colin Powell didn't accept that poisoned chalice.

He has a number of options, but in reality, only a few let him leave office excepting in a box covered by a flag: which I find shameful and incredible in a developed country in the 21st century.

Gods I hope I'm wrong.
Family guy

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This is what bill cosby had to say about african americans today.  Even though its not a cartoon, I think its appropriate since the hate mongers of jesse jackson are out.

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Way to go jesse for cutting out the legs of your people.