July 30th, 2008

Beat any dead horses lately?

Apparently, Oliphant doesn't want to give W any credit for the surge.

While the bashing of President Bush's failed presidency is a little tired, I kinda feel this is justified a bit. A friend of mine wrote the following recently summing up his feeling regarding the success of the "Surge":

--Things seem to have gotten a lot better in Iraq and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. But I have to be honest, there's something inside of me that makes it hard for me to cheer about this. I'm very happy things are going well but it really comes down to my great dislike for George Bush and his leadership. In my eyes, he's been such a bad president, I cringe to think that he might get credit for something good. To me it's like playing baseball and George Bush comes to bat. After he swings and misses on the first 3 pitches, the ump calls him out. But then George pulls a gun out and points it at the ump and says "I'm not out until I say I'm out. I get to keep trying until I get a hit." Then, finally, with the count 2 balls and 83 strikes, he lines a double down the right field line. It's just a little hard for me to say "atta boy" to something like that.--

A more simple metaphor has the image of W as a child who spills his glass of milk at the dinner table. As he wipes it up he says, "The paper towel is working! It was my idea to use a paper towel! This table would be covered with milk if it weren't for me and my towel! Aren't I the best kid ever?"