August 28th, 2012


Will MacAvoy on why TEA Party radicals shouldn't even be considered Republicans

Two videos. They're short.

I find this interesting, because it makes a strong comparison to the Rush Limbaugh dittohead view of the left as a monolithic mudheap of dirty, dirty hippies.

In fact, the Democrat=hippie/Yippie/pothead meme is an awkward equivalence at best. Of course there are Democrats who've inhaled, just as there are Republicans who've done coke, engaged in open relationships, and the like. But the Democrats have never really been the Yippies, even if they eventually wanted their votes.

An American Taliban? Maybe. I don't know about "tribal." I would think something more like "nationalistic" or "racist"--which are, in an anthropological sense, arguably subsets of tribalist thinking, so maybe.

So is MacAvoy (and Sorkin) right? Will this reputation stick to the GOP over the next generation? Well, it's substantially already how Southron conservatives were seen by liberals who knew them, so yeah, I suppose so. Does it hurt them, though, if their radicalism is what's popular?