December 14th, 2012


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Disclaimer: I don't label myself an anarchist. I think that agorism is realistically unachievable and unpreservable without the intervention and oversight of a constitutionally limited state — a suggestion that rabid anarchists equate to totalitarianism. To many self-described anarchists, there is only anarchism and statism, with no finer distinction to be made. This is why I cannot ally myself with them, or consider them part of the libertarian-left. I think that the quality of being "left" or "right" is inherent in what you think the state's legitimate roles should be, and the quality of being "totalitarian" or "libertarian" is in the extent of those roles. Anarchism denies any legitimacy to the state, and therefore is neither "left" nor "right".

That said, these objections to anarchism sound a lot like the objections to libertarianism. I LOL'ed.
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According to Bryan Fischer, back when there was prayer in schools, there were no school shootings ever. Apparently, getting god "back in schools" will magically protect children from flying bits of hot lead.

Congratulations, Bryan Fischer. You've officially made it onto my growing list of "People who need to be dropped into a bottomless pit for the good of humanity."