February 7th, 2013


The NRA hates (some) editorioal cartoonists.

An NRA blacklist of individuals and associations that “have officially endorsed anti-gun positions” is making the rounds across the internet. The list includes media outlets, individuals, corporations, journalists, national figures, celebrities and singled out on the list are 14 editorial cartoonists. Those cartoonists include:

[Cartoonists the NRA hates]

Tony Auth
Steve Benson
Jim Borgman
Stuart Carlson
Mike Lane
Mike Luckovich
Jimmy Margulies
Jim Morin
Mike Peters
Kevin Siers
Ed Stein
Tim Toles
Garry Trudeau
Don Wright

Some of those cartoonists are fighting back. Tony Auth (based in Philadelphia) is one. The link will take you to his statement and a slide show of some of his work.