March 23rd, 2013


gun control truth 2

Tobacco, traffic accidents, unintentional falls.
Indeed these causes dwarf the loss of life brought on by firearm homicides.
Driving while texting kills more people each year than assault rifles.
The average person texting or drunk behind the wheel inflicts more damage and is more dangerous than deranged psychopaths armed with firearms who inflict substantially less harm.

Fear mongerers may compel the masses to support gun control and abandon the 2nd amendment to "save" america from fictional, invisible, deranged gun toting bogeymen.

While many proclaim themselves "too smart" to believe in fictional deities, the same seems not to apply to fictional gun empowered killers less deadly than unintentionally falling down.

Reject gun control and the tax hikes and wasted effort associated with them, its the only rational and realistic choice!