April 11th, 2013


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[And speaking of New York City]

Pictures Of New York Harbor From The 1970s When It Was A Dump

1973 New York City: Household trash has been dumped in front of the incinerator plant at Gravesend Bay in South Brooklyn.

Business Insider has a very interesting photo essay on 1970s New York City's harbor and pollution, drawn from photography by Arthur Tress that are in the National Archives, and also viewable on Flickr. And this is pretty much how I remember how bad New York was in the 70s. And remember: Libertarians and some Republicans want to dismantle the EPA. A lot of people just don't remember how bad things really were!

Rainy: by snorkle_c


Somebody just doesn't get white-male privilege? Or is there a stronger point: one should not be harsh to anyone, not even whites, men, nor even Christians or libertarians?