June 13th, 2013

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Canadian Senate

Canada's Senators are appointed for life by the Prime Minister. It's a bit like the US Supreme Court, except we have 105 of these appointees. Recently, some very big discrepancies have been discovered in senator expenses.

NDP wants the Senate abolished, Liberals want the Senate regulated, and the ruling Conservatives want the Senate elected (but without amending the Constitution).
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"To say a military tactic is legal...is not to say it is wise or moral." ~ President Barack Obama


"Obama has trotted out the “let’s have this debate” defense for a couple of scandals now. He and his team are very eager to discuss this important issue, he says. The one he’s been keeping secret. Obama has always been very adept at positioning himself as the most reasonable man in the room and always above the fray, above the “people on both sides of the issue” who disagree with him and are unreasonable. When he spoke last week about the Prism revelations, he said this news was “a sign of maturity because probably five years ago, six years ago we might not have been having this debate.” Five, six years ago when the dastardly George Bush was president. Hell, maybe even last week when Obama himself was in office."
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I know these are getting a little hacky with the "they were for it before they were against it" crap, but this short-attention span partisanship is often something that's hard to pinpoint with as much accuracy as this particular "scandal" has allowed.
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That Hannity has not been beaten to death with aluminum baseball bats yet is all the evidence you need that America is finished.

I saw one of these with candidate Obama vs president Obama, but we know Obama's positions "evolve" through careful consideration and that he's not a partisan hack like Hannity.