July 1st, 2013

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The five provisions that Governor Kasich signed into law yesterday will:

  • Create a new consent process for women seeking abortion care that forces a doctor to perform medically unnecessary tests and give medically ambiguous information about the viability of the pregnancy.

  • Require that all ambulatory surgical centers have transfer agreements with hospitals and grant authority to the "prolife" director of the Ohio Department of Health to cherry-pick what constitutes a valid transfer agreement, or variance, for any reason. The budget also singles out and blocks public hospitals from having transfer agreements or allowing their doctors to use their admitting privileges to contract with abortion clinics.

  • Reprioritize family planning funding to defund Planned Parenthood and other family planning experts, many of whom serve the poor in rural counties. This will wreak havoc on tens of thousands of patients that rely on these facilities for cancer screenings, birth control and other basic health care, and could result in eleven counties losing access to subsidized family planning services entirely.

  • Divert federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funds intended to be used for cash support for mothers and their children to unregulated crisis pregnancy centers. A year-long investigation conducted by a private group into crisis pregnancy centers revealed widespread use of biased and medically inaccurate information.

  • Ban rape crisis programs funded by state dollars from counseling rape victims about all their medical options if they get pregnant from the assault.