July 2nd, 2013

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jim hacker, minster of adminstative affiers, wishs for a 25% quota in the top civil service. the perminate sectary, the top civil servents, ponder how this would affect there departments...


[Re: DOMA has been defeated]
What we will see come to fruition:

  • The Supreme Court's decision will have an impact like as Roe v Wade and will not be overturned.

  • Churches will be forced to perform same sex marriages.

  • First responders will be forced to attend Gay Pride parades.

  • Employees will be forced to attend sensitivity training or lose their job.

  • Pastors will be jailed for preaching against homosexuality.

  • Christians will feel the scorn of this culture unlike any time in the US history.

  • Christians will be scrutinized by insurers and will be denied benefits.

  • Christians will be unfairly taxed through an IRS audit of the church.

Remember that Noah had to face his tormentors for 100 years before God sent the flood.
-- Sundial, Rapture Ready