August 8th, 2013

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How to opt out of Obamacare in seven easy steps:


1: When you buy insurance, don't go to the exchanges and get the best deal, just pick a policy off a company website or similar information source, they will take care of you I'm sure.

2: Keep track of your lifetime health costs, and when you get to an arbitrary amount spent, say $250,000, start paying all your own bills and don't bother that insurance company or any other anymore.

3: If you are already sick or have a condition when you get insurance, be sure to pay all the bills related to that condition yourself for the first year.

4: If your insurance company sends you a refund check because they spent less than 80% of premiums on health care, send it back!

5: If the government says you should only have to afford (for example) $250 per month, and your policy is $350, don't apply for the $100 per month subsidy. You may be poor, but you are not a socialist!

6: If you qualify for Medicare now but you didn't before, don't take it. It's a trap, the government is trying to take over your health care by paying the bill for you. You are too smart for that old trick!

7: Pay the $750 annual tax penalty for not having insurance, and the whole thing goes away. Now you are free to pay all your own bills. No fair using the emergency room unless you have cash!

See, there's nothing to worry about, you can be free from the socialist grasp of the government takeover of your medical bills by simply paying them all yourself. Free Dumb!