October 16th, 2013


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So it's all but over: one of the most reckless, irresponsible, and embarrassing episodes in recent political history that has left hundreds of thousands of people out of work and has taken huge tolls on local economies all over the country. If Mr. Flake is correct, it also marks the end of this ridiculous negotiation-at-gunpoint tactic that's been used to extort concessions for the last four years. In the end, Republicans underestimated the resolve of President Obama and congressional Democrats and ended up with less than what they started with. That doesn't even account for the untold damage that's been done to their brand that could have electoral repercussions for years to come as well as the lasting economic damage it has wrought. A hearty "fuck you!" to the zealots in the House that brought us to the brink yet again with nothing to show for it.

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Fall 2013 crisis, brought to you by:

Manufactured crises hurt economic growth:

Cognitive dissonance:

ETA - The following Senators voted against the bipartisan bill (and, by extension, FOR default):

Ted Cruz (Tex.)
Marco Rubio (Fla.)
Rand Paul (Ky.)
Tom Coburn (Okla.)
John Cornyn (Tex.)
Mike Crapo (Idaho)
Mike Enzi (Wyo.)
Chuck Grassley (Iowa)
Dean Heller (Nev.)
Ron Johnson (Wis.)
Mike Lee (Utah)
Jim Risch (Idaho)
Pat Roberts (Kan.)
Tim Scott (S.C.)
Jeff Sessions (Ala.)
Richard Shelby (Ala.)
Pat Toomey (Pa.)
David Vitter (La.)

144 congressmen, all Republicans, voted against the bill in the House.