November 8th, 2013

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Noting that the word 'feminist' has picked up a certain unfavorable impression, Joss Whedon proposes to switch the burden of mainstream language. You don't have to be an 'ist' to believe that women are equal - that is normal. But you are a 'genderist' if you do not believe that women are equal.

Flag Torture

Sports, misogyny, bullies, rape culture, and the Bay Area's KNBR!

KNBR host slammed over sexist rant

We should be over this shit, but no....

See also: "The NFL’s Bully Problem": Sports Columnist Dave Zirin Connects Violence in Sports to Rape Culture"
Richie Incognito, it’s now widely believed, was told by his coaching staff and by the general manager of the team, director of player personnel Jeff Ireland, who said that Jonathan Martin, who went to Stanford and was seen to be, quote-unquote, "soft," which is part of this issue, are these conceptions of manliness that the NFL has in its locker room, like being a man means that you’re willing to go out there and be violent, and being soft means that you don’t want to be part of, I would argue to be, a deeply homophobic, deeply sexist culture that takes place in the locker room. And Jonathan Martin, who’s been derided as soft for blowing the whistle on this, I would argue, is actually showing tremendous courage by coming forward. And the more that’s coming out of the Miami Dolphins locker room, frankly, the worse it looks. So this actually is a huge crisis for the National Football League.
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