December 8th, 2013

Courtesy of Reddit

- lesson was given to his daughter at a private religious school in Florida
- said private religious school is supposedly accredited
- remember folk, if it's accredited, that means it's legit

From the poster himself: Back story:My wife and I were both raised in very religious homes and have moved to a more liberal stance in adulthood. We live in an area with extremely sub standard schools so we opted for private school. When selecting a private school we interviewed many and chose one that had a reputation for academic excellence and we figured that any doctrine could be countered at home with open discussion. My daughter (3rd Grade) has been at this school since Kindergarten and things have been going well. Most doctrinal issues were handled delicately without fundamentalism and allowed parents the option to discuss differences of opinion with their children. This week she brings this monstrosity home. I am livid! So my question to Reddit is am I being hypocritical by putting my child in this environement and then being shocked by the outcome? Or should I have a straightforward conversation her teacher and move on?

Yes, you are being hypocritical. You get what you pay for.