December 11th, 2013

Deep One

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Funeral selfie!

Maybe if the New York Post gets ahold of Mrs. Schmidt's selfie they can add it to their Worst Selfies Ever list. Currently there are 22 of them, almost half of which are funeral selfies.

I also thought it was cute that the article included the ages of nearly all of the women involved (starting with the "Schmidt and Barack get chummy" section), but none of the men.
  • dexeron

Rall: Criminal against art, or innocent victim?!

Not a political cartoon per se, but a piece ABOUT political cartoons. Specifically, TED RALL!

"Fuck Liberal Puritans: The Ted Rall Racism Trial."

It's a very one-sided defense of Rall against accusations of his being racist and horrible. And while it might be true that the accusations have themselves been very one-sided, and that there is an element of Puritanism in some liberal discourse (and that "Liberal Puritans" do ultimately undermine the causes they profess to speak for), none of that changes Rall being (in my opinion) just clumsy and terrible. The existence of armchair SJWs doesn't excuse Rall's awfulness. Nor does any of that justify what appears to me to be a heaping dose of privilege from atop which this author condescendingly explains what people are, and are not, allowed to find racist.

Anyway, read it if you're interested in the perspective on Rall from the "liberals aren't leftist enough" crowd.