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[19 Jan 2016|11:56am]
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The Oscars. Look who's not coming to dinner. [19 Jan 2016|04:42pm]
For the second year in a row, the Academy Awards is a pretty white affair.

International Business Times studied claims about a lack of women and minority representation in both academy nominees and winners. “The Oscar winners are voted on by members of the academy, and there are 6,028 voting members; 94 percent of them are white, 77 percent are men and 86 percent are over the age of 50.” There have only been 31 African Americans who have won an Academy Award in the history of the Academy Awards [the awards were started in 1927].

[ Infographic behind the cut ]

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This land was made for you & me... [19 Jan 2016|07:27pm]
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