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Now for something completely different: [06 Feb 2016|02:17pm]
This is a fascinating interview to me. Black high school kid decides to volunteer for Trump campaign and see what it's all about. His analysis is pretty good; he didn't see any direct racism, but a lot of micro-aggressions. Which, as a white guy, is something that is hard to check. I cannot, even as an actively anti-racist white, always know if I am giving a black person extra personal space cause they are black and I'm engaging in micro-aggressions, or if I would give the same amount of personal space to a white person passing by me. I want to be aware of it, I want to be self-aware, and NOT engage in these micro-aggressions, it can be difficult to catch them.

All that said, it is still worth hearing the thoughts of a young black male who spent time inside of Trump campaign offices.

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Hurm... [06 Feb 2016|05:23pm]

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