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It scares me that this may become true [01 Apr 2016|09:15am]
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It's weird how... [01 Apr 2016|05:43pm]
this was in response to this:

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Don't Drink and Surf the Internet! [01 Apr 2016|06:34pm]
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You wouldn't drink and drive, would you? That's a stupid, terrible thing to do, with a simple, understood cause and effect. So why do we keep waking up, wondering how on earth that drunken Facebook selfie seemed like a good idea, and OMG!, Amazon confirmed shipment for ...WHAT? We've outgrown dial-a-drunk or drunken text. The new TPP laws state that anyone caught drinking while surfing the net will have their devices immediately confiscated and be restricted from using the internet for 6 months.

Don't Drink and Surf

The three most abusive Internet practices are buying stuff, social destruction and the sex stuff...

"Substances such as cocaine and LSD work like pharmacological scalpels, altering the functioning of only one or a handful of brain circuits," Stephen Braun writes in Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine. "Alcohol is more like a pharmacological hand grenade. It affects practically everything around it." Alcohol affects your entire brain. Your entire brain is dumber when you're drunk.
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