June 26th, 2016

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Smerd for American President

Ken Nordine - Smerd (1959) No town left behind...

Ken Nordine's "Smerd" from his third album "Next" (later reissued on other compilations)
draws on the history of Harry Truman taking his campaign across the country by train.
The content is not about Truman, it applies to a politician's pathology for saying whatever
it takes to get whatever they want.

Smerd campaign from the anals of American history)))

Ken Nordine (born April 13, 1920) is an American voice-over and recording artist,
best known for his series of Word Jazz albums. His deep, resonant voice has also been
featured in many commercial advertisements and movie trailers. One critic wrote that
"You may not know Ken Nordine by name or face, but you'll almost certainly recognize his voice."