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Political Cartoons' Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Political Cartoons

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It's been too quiet lately, so here goes [17 Aug 2016|06:38am]
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Then they kicked her out of the Olympic stadium, humping ironys' corpse. [17 Aug 2016|02:32pm]
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Does Trump have fat ankles? [17 Aug 2016|02:35pm]
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Drumpf Dump [17 Aug 2016|02:49pm]

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That iconic hat... [17 Aug 2016|03:41pm]
I think it can be a lot of fun to see what different cartoonists have done with the same theme; in this case, Trump's infamous hat.

Some of them are fairly obvious:

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"Party Pooper" [17 Aug 2016|04:34pm]
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The Wisdom of Trump and His Good Genes [17 Aug 2016|06:56pm]
This is a faithful transcript from a Trump speech:

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