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Political Cartoons

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WATCH OUT FOR THAT LAST STEP... [20 Aug 2016|01:53pm]
Just as good as Gerald Ford.

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Naughty naughty [20 Aug 2016|02:26pm]

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Says Who? Says Who? ....OK. [20 Aug 2016|03:36pm]
In case anyone here missed this gem:

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Ah, Republicans [20 Aug 2016|03:40pm]
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Writer jailed in Jordan for posting cartoon depicting god on Facebook. [20 Aug 2016|06:46pm]
(The cartoon mocks the heavenly promises of Jihadi terrorists)

Regardless of this artists' politics, putting him in jail for posting a Facebook image is abuse.

"Writer Hattar charged with inciting strife"

AMMONNEWS - Columnist Nahed Hattar is facing charges of 'stirring sedition' after he shared a cartoon on his Facebook page that sparked outrage among Jordanians.

Amman Public Prosecutor, Judge Abdullah Abul-Ghanam, charged the journalist with the crime of inciting 'sectarian strife and racism' in violation of article 150 of the Jordanian Penal Code, which bans contempt of religions, in terms of article 15 of the Cyber Crime Law.

In a press release to Petra, the Judge said the defendant was charged with the crime of insulting religion under article 278, which prohibits publication of printed material, image or drawing intended to harm religious feelings or creed.

Hattar was remanded in custody pending further investigation, said the prosecutor.

Amman governor Khaled Abu Zeid yesterday listened to Hatter's statement after he posted the caricature, which was deemed as "abusive to the divine entity" and ordered his detention before referring him to judicial authorities.
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[20 Aug 2016|07:01pm]

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Naughty Niqabis [20 Aug 2016|08:35pm]

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By https://twitter.com/NiceMangos #NaughtyNiqabis
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