October 13th, 2016

Making a mountain out of a molehill.


Why is it that a woman is not a real woman unless she is a hardliner leftist or a socialist or a Democrat who hates conservatives and men?

Feminism is about choice, equality, and freedom. Hillary believes in none of those for women. She just wants to use the N.O.W. to manipulate and use women as a choice demographic to gather votes to secure power and wealth. She could have helped women instead of publicly humiliating, vilifying, and character assassinating a twelve-year-old rape victim in court whose womb was so damaged she was never able to have children.

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This one was slightly amusing. I am not sure if I am voting for Donald Trump or Governor Gary Johnson. The millenials seem to be flocking to Johnson and Doctor Stein. I would like to see a woman President, but then I should have voted for Carly Fiorina. Obama was the least qualified person ever elected President. If I wanted a black President (and he is half-white), then I would choose Alan Keyes. W was a retard, so in 2000 I DID vote for Alan Keyes! (And later Ralph Nader.) Herman Cain, Allen West, a REAL black man! I voted for Doctor Ben Carson in the primary.

Here is another that is slightly amusing, but I think if you look at it from the P.O.V. that people vote for Democrats just because of a gender-race-orientation demographic, the same demographic in a Republican candidate is ignored. And I think that that is because of reverse-marginalisation/racism/sexism/bigotry on the radical left (not the left-of-centre or marginal left like you guys.)


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According to the source, this cartoon was produced BEFORE the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape was released.

I'm adding this one to cut down on the number of individual posts (it was in a post by itself before).

Is this blasphemous?

I never liked how certain conservative "Christians" (and I use that term loosely) vilify the L.G.B.T. community. I thought GOD loved everyone ... if HE created everyone. I plan on marrying in a temple. But unlike Hillary, I support same-sex marriage in every U.S.A. territory, district, and state.

I hate how the "religious" (more like fascist) right tries to tell others what they can and cannot do ... but the left does it too on other issues like gun and finance.

What ever happened to Michelle Bachman?