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Bambouche - Vanguard Squad Man [14 Oct 2016|02:34am]
[ mood | Vote for "The Man" ]

Vote for "The Man"

65% of Americans prefer Putin for President!

The Russian president is currently polling at 65 %, with Trump at 21 % and Clinton at 14 % with over
5,000 votes cast. The poll asked “Who do you want to be the next President of the United States?” link

You're Going to Get Screwed Anyway, It Might As Well Be By A Pro! Vote Ron Jeremy

Christy Turlington by Patrick Demarchelier

Bambouche Vanguard Squad Man

Originally posted by musicdawn at Bambouche - Vanguard Squad Main Title Theme - 2005 Jazz Hip Hop 45

; )


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Joke Of The Day [14 Oct 2016|11:26am]
[ mood | free speech democracy ]

Goodnight Democracy!

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said this morning that “The other night’s debate was a good night for democracy.”
But I think what she really meant was, “Good night, democracy.”

Speech is Free

" If speech is free why can't I afford it? "

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Leonard Cohen - Democracy


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The single best photo from the second Presidential debate [14 Oct 2016|09:46pm]

Donald Trump Fell In Love With His Debate Chair Right Before Our Eyes

ETA: Turns out Donald Trump's Debate Chair has its own page at Know Your Meme.
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