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Turtles all the way down [19 Oct 2016|02:41am]
[ mood | depressed ]

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Good Ol' Zyklon Ben does it again. [19 Oct 2016|01:50pm]
 photo tumblr_of9mxq3a8K1rr5t33o1_1280_zpswvhr3xgg.jpg

AGoodCartoon: "samson. the guy with remarkable hair who famously survived knocking a temple down on his own head. sure."

Trans-Atomica: "Like Samson, Trump will be brought down by a woman agc"

ItsWalky: "….. yeah, like, seriously, Samson DIED when he brought down the temple. Because he was in it. He killed himself and everyone around him, men women and children, because he was a spiteful fuck."

(Again, I suggest that everyone who loves this community also follow A Good Cartoon. LJ feed at agoodcartoon)
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Sore Losers? [19 Oct 2016|07:21pm]
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