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Political Cartoons' Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Political Cartoons

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[11 Nov 2016|02:18am]
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BIDEN'S HAIR PLUGS! [11 Nov 2016|02:20am]
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Biden's Hair Plugs! Moo-chelle Obama farted and had a kid. Obama Hussein smokes like a chimney! [11 Nov 2016|02:33am]

Typical libtard "Demoncrap" blacks ... violent, oppressive, murderous, gang-like thugs ... just like union boss Joe "Hair Plugs" Biden. Caucasians are being turned into second-class citizens and are treated worse than anybody in the nation except Native Americans who are the ONLY ones in our nation's history who were wronged badly.
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[11 Nov 2016|03:20am]
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[11 Nov 2016|03:25pm]

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[11 Nov 2016|10:52pm]
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