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Tim Kaine is as phoney as Joe Biden's hair plugs! [26 Nov 2016|01:33am]
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Umpire says: "You ... are ... outta here!" [26 Nov 2016|01:48am]

Did Biden get his hair plugs after the wreck?
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Fidel Castro Dies at 90 [26 Nov 2016|05:05pm]

Miami Herald obituary
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[26 Nov 2016|05:11pm]
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Ceci n'est pas une blague. [26 Nov 2016|06:33pm]

This is not a joke (in the usual sense of the word); it's a real item that can be purchased on line at Pres. Voldemort J. Assmonkey's store for $149.

Unfortunately for him, this ridiculous piece of ostentatious self-aggrandizement "tasteful" trinket (made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold!) is also available at Amazon. Which is where the hilarity comes in....
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[26 Nov 2016|08:53pm]
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[26 Nov 2016|08:54pm]
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