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Political Cartoons

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Back from the Future [14 Dec 2016|01:26am]
Originally posted by hullam_del_ray at Они всё знали - вырезанные кадры из культового фильма

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Trumping the Energy Department [14 Dec 2016|04:28pm]

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Help! Help! We're being repressed! [14 Dec 2016|05:11pm]
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I can't even [14 Dec 2016|06:54pm]
I have lost the ability to can.

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I found this great cartoon, but it unfortunately needed an update.... [14 Dec 2016|08:41pm]

After (behind the cut, because it's kind of huge yuge)Collapse )
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"A nativity scene without Jews, Arabs, Africans or refugees." [14 Dec 2016|10:11pm]
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