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Political Cartoons' Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Political Cartoons

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It will make you hungry and also make you think... [19 Jan 2017|01:24am]

Note: this is not a cartoon.  However, I did find it fascinating to see what the people from North Korea had to say about their lives within the country.  Also, BBQ is delicious, and it makes me happy to see other countries learning the American methods of this food.  However, mods, if this is too off-topic, feel free to delete the post.
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Hail, Trump the egalitarian and altruist! [19 Jan 2017|06:33am]

Taken from:
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[19 Jan 2017|06:37am]

Anyone who hates Ted Cruz is obviously a racist who hates Cubans.
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Blast you, vile woman! [19 Jan 2017|06:39am]

Such a nasty woman ...
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One day to be retold in the historical texts and/or films. [19 Jan 2017|07:04am]
From the 10th annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit, Nov. 1, 2016:

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President Trump [19 Jan 2017|06:27pm]

It was a long-time joke - President Trump - but tomorrow the joke is on us.
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This is a thing that happened [19 Jan 2017|10:14pm]
So evidently, some idiot posted this on Facebook:

As you might imagine, there were some responses:Collapse )

This was later shared to Reddit, with predictable results.
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Good bye, Obama! [19 Jan 2017|10:57pm]
This is what Russian people think about Barack Obama and American politics.

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