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Political Cartoons

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He's a Bird! He's a Plane! He's a Superhero! [30 Jan 2017|12:03am]
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Superman 75th Anniversary 55-foot 'Super Trump' flies into Times Square Sep 14, 2016

15 Oct 2013 only 3 years later...

Able to jump higher than his tallest buildings. Trump tower!

Stronger than a locomotive, well, the Mexicans say he is "loco" and he has ulterior motives...

Faster than a speeding bullet.. (let's hope he never has to prove that one)

; P

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The new view from Trump Tower [30 Jan 2017|01:16am]

I can't decide whether I should be on the other side of the river with the Nasty Women, or down there with the Crybabies. Decisions, decisions....
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Trumpland [30 Jan 2017|04:28pm]

In an online article for The New York Review of Books, the Russian-born journalist Masha Gessen brilliantly noted a commonality between Donald Trump and the man Trump admires so much, Vladimir Putin. “Lying is the message,” she wrote. “It’s not just that both Putin and Trump lie, it is that they lie in the same way and for the same purpose: blatantly, to assert power over truth itself.”

-- David Frum at The Atlantic
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My first ever attempt at making a gif from a video [30 Jan 2017|11:29pm]
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