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Obama and Hillary would make good cellmates in the Hague [19 Feb 2017|05:58am]
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Needs more labels. [19 Feb 2017|08:06am]
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Hybrid Realism - Psychopathic Excellence [19 Feb 2017|11:36am]
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When Donald Trump Arrived on Earth

Originally posted by pigshitpoet at Hybrid Realism - Psychopathic Excellence

We're all immigrants from another planet...

Donald Trump Arrives on Earth

Patricia Piccini is known all around the world for her “mutation” of the hyperrealist human, or you may say, anthropomorphized forms that are inspired by her research about tissue engineering. Using foam, silicon, paints and human hair the sculptures look so real that it’s even strange to face them. You will always ask yourself “Is it really a sculpture, or a person with strange abnormalities?”.

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More: Patricia Piccinini


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The Totalitarian Method [19 Feb 2017|04:23pm]
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