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Survey? [22 Feb 2017|11:29am]
So, the Trump Administration put out something they called the "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey", which was essentially a push poll badmouthing Trump's critics in the media. The administration was a bit miffed at the results, as it seemed many "Democrats" took the survey so as to "sabotage the results". Team Trump wants to take another bite at the apple, and have asked, via Republican mailing lists, for the faithful to re-take it. Here is a screenshot, behind the cut.

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Ailing Democracy [22 Feb 2017|06:07pm]

"It’s an insult to people who have real mental illness to be lumped with Trump. Most people with mental illness are well-meaning, well-mannered and well-behaved. And Trump is none of these. Trump is bad, not mad. And when bad people are labeled mentally ill, it stigmatizes mental illness."

-- W. J. T. Mitchell, "American Psychosis: Trumpism and the Nightmare of History"

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