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Political Cartoons

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American Middle Class White Trash Dream Home [06 Mar 2017|08:10am]
[ mood | swing ]

Trump All the Way!

Did anyone bother to ask, "All the way to where"?

Originally posted by b_picture at 33 финалиста фотоконкурса Sony World Photography Awards 2017

Easy Street Small-town USA

Sony World Photography Awards 2017 Photo: Giulia Piermartiri Edoardo Delille, Italy, category "portraits" found on Google Earth


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The importense of geomutry edjucasion. [06 Mar 2017|02:40pm]
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Finnish Trump Sketch [06 Mar 2017|06:25pm]
I just came across this. It's from January. Maybe others missed it as well.

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If true, it would be the nicest thing about them.... [06 Mar 2017|08:22pm]
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Young Trump Girl [06 Mar 2017|08:32pm]
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