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A Funny Poem for the Times [17 Jun 2017|01:18pm]
[ mood | ridiculous ]

Our Kind

Our mother knew our worth---
not much. To her, success
was not being noticed at all.
"If we can stay out of jail,"
she said, "God will be proud of us."

"Not worth a row of pins,"
she said, when we looked at the album:
Her hearing was bad, and that
was good: "None of us ever says much."

She sent us forth equipped
for our kind of world, a world of
our betters, in a nation so strong
its greatest claim is no boast,
its leaders telling us all, "Be proud"---

But over their shoulders, God and
our mother, signaling: "Ridiculous." ~ William Stafford


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Trump = 10 / America = 0 [17 Jun 2017|05:04pm]
[ mood | swingle ]

Jack Ohman - The Latest Trump Cabinet Meeting...

Originally posted by grail76 at otohP pmuD and a king kong reference

[ O ] Jack Ohman - The Latest Trump Cabinet Meeting... (2017)


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