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Don John [12 Aug 2017|12:11pm]
[ mood | predictions ]

The Fairytale Adventures of Donald J Trump

Predictions and predilections. The Russians new in 1982 that this would come to pass...

Originally posted by postmodernism at Советский диафильм «Книжная графика Н. В. Кузьмина» (1982)

Inspired by the fat man on the left side of the book cover..

Советский диафильм «Книжная графика Н. В. Кузьмина» (1982)

Soviet filmstrip "book Schedule N. Kuzmin" (1982) The story of a wonderful con artist in the year 2017


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Is Donald J Trump the Anti-christ? [12 Aug 2017|12:33pm]
[ mood | alien ]

Don John, Magic Man or Khazarian Prince?

Originally posted by retrofire at Hello

More than a wolf in sheep's clothing, this is a reptile dressed like a man!



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