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WTF Fucked Up FED in Sunny Florida [02 Oct 2017|11:18am]
[ mood | solar power ]

Disaster Capitalism vs Solar Power

Millions of Florida residents lost power after Hurricane Irma raged through the state. But homeowners with solar energy installations
couldn’t use them during the outage because they would be breaking the law. funny business

A boat sits in a park after being beached by storm surge from Hurricane Irma in Coconut Grove, Florida

WTF? People who had installed solar panels were not allowed to use them because of the lobbying efforts of (Florida Power & Light Co.)
FPL's move to influence legislation in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Another fine example of Disaster Capitalism at work!

Utility trucks head for the Florida Keys as part of a massive effort to restore power following Hurricane Irma

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What's more important? People or power?


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[02 Oct 2017|11:49am]
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