December 21st, 2017

smoking panda

Trump is a Shill for the KKK Running GPS on Twitter

"The term” used to imply Trump’s unholy alliances with the KKK understanding that he is playing both ends against the middle. Nothing is ever just black and white. For all we know the people under the white robes might be black activists doing a black ops false flag for ethnic cleansing. Nevertheless as with spiritual energies the darkness is here to serve the light. Associating that term, is derogatory to a whole ethnic group of enslaved individuals who suffered entrapment and were romanized and demonized by white supremacist raiders, who name anything not-white as savage or heathen, rob our lands as feudal lords and fascist petty tyrants, behind the human shield of religion, nationalism, war, democracy, finance and capitalism under the guise of progress, and even enslave their own kind as well as others into debt slavery and coercive subservience. Guns play a big part in this.

I was simply responding to the cartoon. Extremism is often black and white ripe with sarcasm and satire, tools of demonic collusion. It’s easily another form of cowboys and indians. No colour or grey matter. Just black and white hats, good and bad played against each other like cops for egotistical penetration and unlawful gain. More appropriately Trump is a snake who slithers with the illusion (delusion) of the Obama deception where a black snake was enlisted by the global right wing whigs or tories elite (two sides of the same coin) to run crowd control on American and European debt slaves, who foot the bill through stolen taxes for the masked raids of isis who shoot to kill under the white mask of democracy and separatism. Obama co-opted the very words of MLK to deceive his own race. No matter who we vote for we still get a politician. They lie to your face.

This imperialist action goes back to the ancient Sumerian bloodline of Anunaki reptilian race of angels and demons who wish to enslave and or destroy the human race with reptilian monkey armies on this planet of apes. They are an archonic infection on the planet planting and feeding off our negativity genetically modifying us into transhumance robots. These lizard entities are mostly acting behind the mask as coercive energies such as obedient soldiers and police or bureaucratic politicians bankers and corporate leaders for the new technocracy. I think we are all pawns for global supremacy in our unwitting compliance to herd mentality regardless of race colour or creed by an unidentifiable stooge, like Rothschild, Hitler, Stalin, China, Kissinger, Brezinsky, Netanyahu, Queen E, the Saudis or Bush and cronies and otherwise yet unnamed goons playing with global supremacy.

To this point it has been a global game of elitist separation of divide and conquer. This is why cooking our anger and transforming that negative charge is imperative to our ability to live, love and understand one another as a collective both locally and globally. When you have to live in the community which supports you, you can’t act that way. We are in OZ. Who is the man behind the curtain? The head of big brother feeding us our marching orders. That’s the only sense I can make out it it.

The concern I perceive with killing the snake is that if you cut off it’s head it grows ten more. And separated from its tail it multiplies into more prodigious sons of Morpheus like the New York stock exchange or the IMF. That is the evil of fascist repression and global capitalization.

Similar to fascism, democracy and socialism are instruments only as human as its participants. There have been benevolent fascists, such as Kaddafi in Lybia. Goyem would be another term with such universal implication in today’s western society, the equivalent of sheeple or cattle. Expendable minions, or as American military calls it, collateral damage, the means to an end.

Slaughter the monkeys and seize the villages! Even geography can’t save us today.

I think the answer is to play nice in the sandbox. And for my irate reaction to this insane clown posse, I profusely apologize.
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