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the truth about the confederate flag.

This post is edited because apparantly ilovethecure feels it is appropriate to, when out of all other arguements, go into my personal website and retrieve my full name and phone number from my resume, and then post that information in a threatening and intimidating manner.

This post has been reported to LJ abuse and I have taken the links down, so as to avoid any more creepy incidences.

Edit to add:
Nice try deleting your comments out. I saved a copy of them because I am not stupid.

2004-11-13 23:47 (link) Select
Then I've made it personal between you and I. I mean if you had any facts to back up your case I'd give you a million times

more credit than I'm currently giving you, but as it stands, you're just ignorant, thus it's become personal ********. Oh

hey, is your number still...(***) ***-****?

(of course I edited out the private stuff)

ETA, again: Oh I see you are now trying to edit out all of your comments. Nice try, but it still isn't going to work.
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